Things to Know About Epoxy Flooring 

One of the most versatile flooring for all types of healthcare, educational, industrial, and commercial facilities is epoxy. It can be customized to a lot of various forms of needs and conditions.  

Here are several things you should know about epoxy flooring if you aren’t familiar with Plancher epoxy Magog and what they can do. 

Can be Utilized Outdoors 

Epoxy mixed with aggregate can produce attractive, durable, and outdoor-ready surfaces. The result is almost similar to a rice crispy treat, with hard pebbles or gravel stuck together by an epoxy adhesive.  

However, you should be wary that exposing epoxy floors to direct sunlight can cause chemical reactions. This makes them develop a “chalky” quality or turn yellow within the surface layer. To prevent this issue, you can apply a UV-resistant coating.  

Can be Aesthetic 

If you hear the phrase “industrial floor coating”, you may imagine ugly floors. However, epoxy floors can come in an elegant range of effects, colors, and shades. You can even apply epoxy with a metallic sheen that looks like a desert landscape or sparkling ocean. Various colors might be applied in stages. This creates stunningly colorful patterns that will beautify your facility.  

Can be used to Almost Every Hard Flooring Surface 

Though we most frequently talk about epoxy being used to concrete flooring, it can also be utilized to offer a protective layer to any hard surface. This includes wood subflooring and metal. However, to make sure that the epoxy properly bonds to the floor, these surfaces should be carefully prepared.  

Difference Between Coating and Flooring 

Though we frequently interchangeable use the terms, your epoxy application should be at least 2mm thick for it to be considered as “flooring”. If it is lesser than 2mm, then it is considered as “coating”. 

Of course, there is a difference between these two. Coating simply produces a protective layer.  On the other hand, epoxy flooring offers extra structural support.  

Preparation of the Surface is the Most Crucial Part 

Your epoxy floor can almost instantly fail if improper or lazy surface preparation is done.  

Moisture is one of the worst culprits. High vapor or humidity soaking the concrete flooring can stop the adhesive bonds from developing while drastically slowing the process of curing. This is the reason why it is crucial to get a professional moisture test first. Before applying epoxy, have any issues dealt with first.  

Chemical Bond Strength 

An epoxy coating is made up of 2 components – a curative and a polyepoxide. Before an epoxy coating is applied to your floor, the 2 components are combined right away. And the resulting reacting causes them to bond chemically to one another and to the floor.  

That is why epoxy coating is much more durable than the sum of its parts. Epoxy is very strong and will not chip or peel away from the flooring surface. However, in order to achieve that, you should first properly clean and prepare the floor. As we mentioned, improper preparation will only ruin the chemical reaction of the epoxy coating. 

Pros of Epoxy Flooring


It can be hard to look for a floor solution that is completely stain, spills, and chemical resistant. Most types of flooring have some drawbacks or the other.  However, epoxy floors seem to have fewer disadvantages and more advantages. That is why epoxy flooring is a great option for a variety of needs.  

Epoxy floors are shiny and vivid, compared to an average floor. The appearance of this flooring alone makes them appealing to use. Also, its surface (which is smooth and even) is extremely easy to upkeep and clean. Cleaning up a spill or a mess is extremely easy since only a few sticks to this variety of flooring.  


Improving visibility inside the room is a lesser-known benefit of using epoxy on the floor. This is because epoxy floors reflect light off.  


Epoxy is an excellent option to decorate your floors. It is available in various colors that add an elegant, smooth, and flawless shine. In addition to that, this flooring can be arranged into personalized or traditional designs and patterns. The number of options makes it an affordable way to improve the ambiance of an office or house.  


Unlike a lot of types of flooring, epoxy coating lasts a longer period of time. It can last for several years without peeling or cracking when properly installed. Aside from durability, the lifespan of epoxy flooring makes it well-known for industrial and commercial use. 


Epoxy flooring shields the concrete underneath from cracking, stains, grease, and moisture. By removing the necessity to clean grout or carpet, this can save you a lot of money on maintenance and cleaning expenses in the long run. Also, it is extremely reasonably priced for the protection level and duration that it provides.  


Epoxy floors are specifically valued for their durability. It has a longer lifespan, unlike a lot of other types of floor. The only material that beats epoxy flooring is concrete. However, it has to be maintained and sealed properly. In addition to that, epoxy flooring will need concrete underneath it. This type of flooring solidifies concrete. That’s why it is very durable. Also, they provide benefits of anti-fatigue and could be rolled-out easily on the cement without glue or mortar. 


Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to almost everything. This includes cleansers, transmission fluid, bleach, gasoline, oil, and much more. This is one of the primary reasons why epoxy flooring is often utilized in garages and within the car industry. Aside from withstanding chemical cleaners/spills, epoxy flooring is also water and heat-resistant. They’re nearly impermeable to almost every chemical spill without any bad effects on the coating.  

Another benefit is that epoxy flooring is resistant to germs and bacteria. This makes them extremely simple to clean.  


The cost of epoxy flooring is hard to beat compared to other flooring types. The costs for installation are quite a little lower since it can be directly installed over concrete. The cost stays one of the best benefits you will find with this flooring.