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Originally released by Maranatha in 1976, this legendary vinyl album is born again as a CD. Featuring Don Gerber, Paul Angers, Steve Kara,  Henry Cutrona and of course Darrell Mansfield, this work will take you back to the early days of the Jesus Movement.

Faithfully re-mastered from the original LP, this is the sound that set the standard for so much of the music prevalent at this time in the Jesus music movement. One of the tracks,  "Jerusalem" is still played on Christian radio to this day.

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Darrell Mansfield's style of Blues, Rock, and R&B has been a blessing to many world wide for almost 3 decades . A Hohner harmonica "Hall of Famer" Darrell's harmonica playing and vocals are world renown . 

In 1974, he joined the band "Gentle Faith" as lead vocalist and two years later they released their first album, "Gentle Faith".

In 1977 he formed the "Darrell Mansfield Band" which released five albums: "High Power"; "Get Ready"; "Darrell Mansfield Band; Live"; "Vision" and "Revelation."

That was only the beginning. Over the last 30 years Darrell has performed on and recorded so many projects on vinyl, cassette, CD (and even 8 tracks) that he himself finds it hard to count them all. Darrell’s latest CD; “The Best of Darrell Mansfield Volume 1” was released in November 2004 by Unibyte Productions.

Darrell continues to tour globe relentlessly. It is clearly a labor of love. Because he has met the "Source" of music, his real talents are a living, breathing testimony to the power of the Almighty God.

His performances are more powerful now than at any other time in his music ministry, as his purpose is now settled. Darrell Mansfield longs to give something back to a world that reflects the neediness and hunger that drove him to the "Bread of Life."

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