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On January 7, 1997, over a dozen elders from the '70s Jesus music scene gathered at Collins Lodge at Forest Home, CA to tape a video of interviews, music, and just plain fellowship around a fireplace in a very homey setting in the mountains of Southern California.

Barry McGuire, Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews, John Fisher, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Andrae Crouch, Nancy Honeytree, Paul Clark, Terry Clark, and Darrell Mansfield, were all present to reminisce, share music old and new, and opine upon the past and present states of CCM. What an awesome occasion! The video, called "First Love" will pass down to a certain degree, the legacy of many of the pioneers of what today is called Contemporary Christian Music.

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Top row: Andrae Crouch, Bob Wall, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax, Matthew Ward, Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews, Barry McGuire, Darrell Mansfield
Left sofa: Terry Clark, Nelly Greisen (2nd Chapter), Annie Herring (2nd Chapter), Paul Clark
Center: Chuck Girard
Right sofa: John Fisher, Melody Green-Sievreit, Jamie Owens-Collins, Nancy Honeytree
Front: Steve Greisen (video producer), Dan Collins

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